Terms & Conditions

Many thanks for considering Aneecha for private yacht charter. Our operation small and exclusive, providing a more intimate experience for our guests and allowing us to create more bespoke services for a select group of clients.

  • Any payment made prior to service delivery constitutes acceptance of the stated terms and conditions.
  • Package prices and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • All inclusions are subject to substitutions.


1.1    Payment Terms:

Private Yacht Charters are subject to the following Payment Terms:

Upon placing a booking, an invoice will be issued for the Yacht package.

50% floating deposit should be received at least 7 days after receiving the invoice and balance should be paid one day before trip departure.

All Payments can be transacted in US Dollars for online payments and/or Indonesian Rupiah.

1.2    Cancellation policy:

Once in a while, circumstances in the lives of our guests may prevent their travel at short notice. Due to the way our operations work for private charters, it is difficult to re-sell such charters, our cancellation charge is as following:

  • Low season : 50 % charge within 14 days before
  • High season 30 days charge
  • 50% cancellation fee for extreme weather conditions


2.1    Definition of a Group

Group Bookings are defined as bookings of a minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of twenty (20) participants, booking as a single, cohesive unit for Day Cruises aboard Aneecha Sailing Catamaran.

Group Bookings will be invoiced as a Group; Invoices will be sent to an appointed Group Leader; All payments must be collected by the Group Leader, and then forwarded to us.

Group Bookings for Day Cruise tickets aboard Aneecha Sailing Catamaran are entitled to one complimentary ticket for every nine full paying guests.

Bookings for Groups of more than 20 participants may be subject to case-specific terms.

2.2    Group Payment Terms

Standard Group Payments:

Standard Groups are defined as a booking of 9 – 20 participants who book 6-9 months prior to travel, and are subject to the following payment schedule:

Payments are 50% deposit upon confirmation and balance should be paid 7 days after receiving invoice.

All Payments should be transacted in US Dollars online and / or Indonesia Rupiah.

In order to ensure we operate with a viable occupancy, we are unable to block group spaces indefinitely without the security of timely payments in adherence to the payment schedule as described on the invoice.

2.3     Early Payment terms (applicable for charters aboard Aneecha Sailing Catamaran only):

Group Bookings are entitled to the following Early Payment Incentives for settling ahead of the usual payment schedule:

Early Payment Incentives are offered to those clients who settle in full, in one single transaction by a pre-agreed payment due date, and settle by (International) Bank Transfer.

Early Payment Incentives offered on the costs of the Aneecha Yacht package:

We offer an incentive worth 5% of the package price for any payments equalling 50% of invoice price that are received 6 – 9 months prior to the package departure date.

2.4    Group Cancellation Policy

We recognize that the structure of a group booking can sometimes change between the time the booking is placed, and the date of departure.

We offer graded adjustment / cancellation charges, depending on the scale of any changes made, and how far in advance of the date of departure such changes occur.

Should an adjustment in the number of participants result in group numbers falling below the complimentary space criterion, the offered comp-spot entitlement will no longer apply.

Groups are strongly recommended to seek insurance coverage to protect against the group size reducing in size / the outright cancellation of the group.

Terms and conditions for promotions and incentives

  • The validity of the promotion is absolute – bookings placed after the stated expiry date will be ineligible for the incentive.
  • Promotional incentives are non-transferrable, unless otherwise stated, and have no cash value.
  • Promotional incentives in the form of credit are offered once for each complete room booked, unless otherwise stated.
  • Promotional incentives cannot be applied retroactively to bookings already deposited.
  • Peak-season bookings (Christmas and New Year) are excluded from the period of validity.*
  • Specific promotional incentives cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.*
  • Aneecha reserves the right to alter / substitute / retract / withdraw a promotional offer at any time.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change.